eLearning Coaching and Consulting Services

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Brookwood’s eLearning Coaching and Consulting Services are designed to help our client’s become more efficient in delivering eLearning. Our staff will assist your team with professional training and share best practices to enhance learning. Our consulting and eLearning services can further align your training goals domestically and globally. These services include aspects of eLearning development and peripheral services needed to deploy the most engaging eLearning courses.

Work With Your Team

Our experts will closely work with your development team to help them boost their eLearning development skills and develop effective eLearning. Our development experts are also trainers that are proficient with popular eLearning tools and can share best practices with your team. Our development team acts as an EXTENSION TO YOUR INTERNAL TEAM and can step in and help as needed and at any stage of development. It can be to kick-start a current project or provide guidance on how to get started, or answer any questions your team may have. This service has shown great results and helped many organizations to easily launch courses within their tight deadlines.

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Review existing courseware

Update and enhance existing modules

Make effective use of mobile learning

Creative design

Converting old flash-based modules to HTML5

Audio recording, tuning, and synchronization

Detailed content editing and QA

LMS upload and troubleshooting

Brookwood provides the services described in the form of a bundle of hours, valid for 12 months from the date of execution.

Our services can be provided on-site to help with your internal development. Please contact us for information.