Adobe Connect Customization and Integration

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Survey and Polling Pod

Our custom Survey pod is fully branded, with a customized layout, and edited by the Host. Results can be anonymous and stored in a database. A reporting site allows administrators to view and run reports on the survey data. The data is downloadable to a CSV file for review and analysis. The Survey has customized sections comprising of one or more survey questions, displayed in a table, and edited by the Connect Host. The Host can broadcast the results for all participates to see.

Technical Support Pod

A custom Technical Support pod integrated into the Connect meeting room, allows the support team to assist learners in real-time without having the learner to leave their Connect session. Our solution integrates multiple tiers of support with routines for escalation, folds seamlessly into the application, and provides real time meeting support.

Attendance Verification Pod

This pod verifies that the learners are actively participating in an Adobe Connect training session. This custom pod integrates seamlessly into the training.

Facial Recognition Pod

Facial Recognition pod validates the credentials of the session participants. It gives the client an opportunity to ensure participants are relevant for its focus group sessions. The solution uses a third-party API for generating and matching algorithms, which are derived from photos captured through the user’s webcam.

Whiteboard Pod

This pod allows presenters to develop and maintain a series of custom whiteboards to be shared by other Connect presenters across multiple Connect rooms. This pod allows users to manage whiteboard templates and instantly access them from a list while setting up Connect rooms. Key features include snapping lines to shapes, adding text to shapes, grouping and ungrouping shapes, printing and saving as an image.

Connect Multimedia System Check Pod

Brookwood offers a solution with a collaborative multimedia application that performs testing on the learning environment before activation. The Check pod validates the user’s system by ensuring it meets the minimum requirements for participation.

Virtual Trade Show and Virtual Events

Portals can be used as front-end access points for users to enter virtual meetings and download required content files. The solution integrates into an eCommerce portal utilizing APIs and web service calls. Brookwood creates portals with features such as a virtual lobby, an events environment, Individual exhibitor area, chat room, demo room, keynote video room, help desk area, assessment area, and more.

Connect “Click to Connect” Queue Pod

Custom development for the Adobe Connect “Click to Connect” application takes queues from a website request, places them in a meeting room, and then sends it to multiple representatives waiting to join the meeting. This pod is comprised of a front-end component that is deployed on each of the brand websites and a back-end component that handles the queue.

Connect Front-End Portals | Back-End Systems

Brookwood provides a seamless front-end portal to Connect. Key features include single sign-on from home page, transparent sign-on from a member center, PDF certificates, curriculum overview page that dynamically displays modules, last score, link to a certificate, and automatic Connect LMS account creation on first login.

Connect Front-End Corporate University

Administrators can create and activate learning group leaders that manage learners, teams and team leads, prepare webinars, and run reports. Admins can manage job-aids and upload PowerPoint presentations for the Webinars. Learners can log in once they have been added by the leader in the team.

Connect Training Room Administration Panel

An Administrative Interface” (AI), allows the facilitator to monitor student progress on quizzes and exams. Monitoring student progress without an AI would require extensive manual inquiry of back-end reports. With the AI, this inquiry occurs instantaneously and allows the facilitator to focus efforts on managing the class.

Connect Launcher

For curricula with numerous virtual instructor-led training sessions (vILTs), the default approach would be to create and set-up multiple vILT rooms. Brookwood saves clients time and effort by establishing separate date and time specific launcher files (one per class) that utilize the same vILT room. The date and time assignment limits participant access until the scheduled session opens. The facilitator can manually take attendance and manually scores quizzes giving a status of passed along with their score.

Connect Offline Self-Study Utility

For blended learning programs, we recommend self-study learning activities (SSAs) that allows participants to proceed at their own pace. SSAs are often scenario-based and provide open text fields for custom feedback from the participants.

The facilitator uses a Connect offline self-study utility to manually review each participant’s answers and scores them outside of the vILT classroom and outside of Adobe Connect.

Custom Connect Training Center with eCommerce

The Connect Online Training Center component is added to existing websites to provide features and functionality for customers to purchase training courses and offer them to their employees. The solution extends the capabilities of Adobe Connect by utilizing the Connect APIs to create a custom experience for the client and its customers.

Connect Webinar Library

Brookwood provides a front-end registration and library styled system that interfaces dynamically with Adobe Connect content and events. Learners can view a listing of available webinars by title or speaker, and can register for a webinar. Development of a registration and library page with an administration component is integrated into Adobe Connect and includes functionality such as a listing of webinars and speakers, single-step checkout, managing user information, managing course transactions, and more.

Connect Integration with Schoology

Brookwood integrates Adobe Connect into the Schoology application (live and archived courses). Building out the structure of the objects that a Schoology course includes assignments, documents, calendar system, and the live and archived class application.

This application reduces the amount of manual updating of archives and scheduling of live class sessions. The application ties in with Schoology API to determine times of classes, and works with the Adobe Connect API to link courses to a live classroom setting.

Connect Integration with Personify

Brookwood provides administration of the Adobe Connect workflow and creation of webinars through the Connect interface. Once created, webinars are connected into the Personify event listing and allows users to view a list of webinar events. Personify allows a user to purchase a webinar through their eCommerce portion of the application.

Once viewed in Adobe Connect, data is sent to the database to track attendance. Adobe Connect can aggregate a list of attendees of the webinar and store in third party database.

Connect API features:

  • Ability to create a webinar
  • Pass webinar information over to Personify API
  • Ability to check for user inside Adobe Connect
  • Ability to enroll a user to a webinar
  • Ability to notify training manager of attendance

Personify API features:

  • Ability to take information from Adobe Connect and create a Meeting Product View inside Personify
  • Required to work with Meeting Product View List or Collection of a Meeting Product in order to implement an aggregated list of webinars created and inserted into Personify

Connect Integration with Moodle

With a single click from inside of Moodle, users can enter Adobe Connect meetings, launch Presenter and Captivate presentations, and watch event recordings. Current Connect users can log in to Moodle using their existing credentials.

API communication of Moodle and Connect databases:

  • Once logged in, a matching Moodle record is auto-created
  • With one-click you can access any Adobe content from within Moodle
  • It displays all meetings that you’re invited to or entitled to attend

Games for Connect

Load games directly into your virtual classroom and view participant scores in real-time. A tracking file shows the scores of games in real-time. There's no need to run a manual report to get scores. Our custom pod calls out to the Connect server to access the report and pull that tracking data right into your virtual classroom.

Connect eCommerce Portal

The Connect eCommerce portal provides a complex eCommerce solution. Key features includes a public site, password protected pages, user profile, list of courses and descriptions, non-member registration renewals, client notifications, course checkout, admin area, Connect web services, and batch processes.


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