Coaching and Mentoring

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Brookwood experts coach the facilitator to better deliver courses, whether face-to-face or in virtual classroom settings. Mentoring helps facilitators to deliver courses that are more effective and engaging. Our experts work closely with facilitators and SMEs to identify current problems and course objectives, and plan appropriate learning methods for students.

We have expertise in mentoring and developing for common meeting bridges, such as Adobe Connect, WebEx, and Microsoft Lync, and know how to fully integrate their capabilities into our programs.

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Mentoring Services

Brookwood mentors will:

  • Train facilitator to facilitate the course through rehearsals and pilot sessions
  • Train producers and engineers on best practices for delivering a course
  • Discuss best practices on managing one-on-one or group sessions
  • Guide facilitator on facilitating workshops
  • Make recommendations on blended learning and supportive tools and activities
  • Help facilitator to apply new learning in real-time
  • Provide on-going production services