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The Need

The MeRITS team needed an eLearning application for the USMRMC Merits Regulatory Information System in English and Thai, They required Instructional design, creative design and development services. Their goal was to train students on the new Regulatory Information Systems that the Merits delivered based on location. They needed a training program for their “100-Series” consisting of 4 modules. Testing and tracking of the courses was also necessary to gauge comprehension and effectiveness. The US Army looked for a company with the most Instructional Design and eLearning experience to create a tool to fit their needs and budget.

The Brookwood Solution

The U.S. Army selected Brookwood to design an eLearning training program, based on Brookwood's strong Macromedia and instructional design background. This was designed so that it could be tested and approved by the Command in Fort Detrick , MD prior to content development. Macromedia Authorware allowed rapid importation of Brookwood's team generated templates, once approved. A time allotment of 6 weeks was needed to design 4 hours of eLearning. The content generated by the Command in Fort Detrick , MD , was supported by Audio, Flash animations and illustrations created by the Brookwood graphic design team. During development, images were reviewed via the Web and content was hosted by the Brookwood Extranet. Thai version of the modules was also produced to support training conducted in Thailand. Thai courses included sound that was narrated with the local dialect for higher retention levels and certified to ensure accuracy.

The Key Advantages for USAMRMC

  • Approved prototype before content is completed to streamline production
  • Built in multi-lingual options generate reduced costs in Thai
  • Rich media was designed and tight dead lines met, using Authorware's rapid development features and resulting in high quality output
  • Brookwood hosted an online version for review and approval sessions
  • Ability to print test scores