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Deploying On-Demand eLearning to 5.3 Million

The United States Department of Defense was in need of on-demand training in Adobe Connect to reach 5.3 million personnel stationed on every continent in the world. The DoD is arguably the world’s largest organization and has thousands of locations in nearly every country. With an enterprise as large and scattered as the Department of Defense, implementing eLearning was extremely attractive as the cost per person is less than .46 cents.

The Brookwood Solution

Brookwood’s team of eLearning experts were contracted to create The Defense Connect Online (DCO) on-demand training modules. DCO is made up of 75,000 users which are unclassified, and over 30,000 users which are classified. DCO is offered as a service to the entire Department of Defense. The on-demand training modules are the first resource new users are pointed to for training. Short learning objects can be leveraged in small chunks to learn a new skill and return to Connect Meeting to apply that skill. Most organizations using the DCO portal require their personnel to view all the modules. The modules are also highly leveraged by the DCO to assist with teaching users and showing them how to use the DCO collaborative tools. Currently consumption of the DCO Connect service averages 15 million minutes per month.

The DCO on-demand training modules, designed and developed by Brookwood, continue to be amongst the top cited resources by users of the DCO service. This is due to their applicability, short design segments, thorough demonstrations, smooth pacing and Flash delivery. Brookwood also created customized Adobe Connect Resource Guides so that information could easily be referred to and applied in the field. These user guides were designed for easy portability and fit in a pocket so they could be carried on your person.

Neil Abramson, Chief Architect for Naval Systems Engineering Resource Center in Patuxent River, MD writes: “We have been using the DCO Portal for approximately nine months. The tool is now second nature to us and provides several capabilities that help us share information and provide SE Tool training for our almost 12,000 Systems Engineering customers. For us, DCO is a success in terms of supporting our Navy and Contractor support services personnel.”

The Key Advantages for Sadlier

  • Short design segments, thorough demonstrations, smooth pacing and Flash delivery
  • Dynamic, engaging training delivered to 5.3 million personnel stationed on every continent
  • On-demand training modules reside on the Enterprise DCO Portal
  • Top cited resource by users of the DCO service
  • Customized Connect User Guides provide info when computer access is not available