The Patent and Trade Office Case Study

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The Need

The Patent and Trade Office of the US Government needed an engaging resource to train their staff in the proper use of Adobe Connect Pro. It was essential for their personnel to be educated in the best practices for conducting a virtual meeting. To do this PTO needed a trusted resource with extensive experience in Adobe Connect and working with the Federal government.

The Brookwood Solution

Brookwood completed the project in two phases. The first phase included the creation of 33 Captivate movies which provide detailed, simulated instruction for using Adobe Connect. Additionally, a portal was created to house dynamic links to all the modules. This dynamic learning portal was designed as an end-to-end training solution and an on-demand support tool so there was no need for a help desk. Each learning object in the portal is brief, 8 minutes or less, and includes a narrated demonstration that can be accessed on-demand.

Phase 2 of the project consisted of creating a 508 compliant version of all the training so that it was accessible to all employees. Under Section 508 guidelines, U.S. government agencies must provide disabled employees and members of the public access to information that is comparable to the access available to others. Brookwood’s eLearning developers and 508 compliance experts transformed all 33 Captivate movies so that they met or exceeded these required government standards. A button on the tool bar activates the Closed Captioning feature, making the modules accessible to the hearing impaired. Text boxes and highlights were made more prominent, all fonts were adjusted to 18 pt, and animation was synced with the closed captioning. The modules are also made to be compatible with screen reading devices to make the content accessible to the visually impaired. The result was a project that meets all government requirements for accessibility by the impaired and all PTO requirements for a dynamic engaging learning.

The Key Advantages for PTO

  • Short design segments, thorough demonstrations, smooth pacing and Flash delivery
  • Dynamic, engaging training delivered to 5.3 million personnel stationed on every continent
  • On-demand training modules reside on the Enterprise DCO Portal
  • Top cited resource by users of the DCO service
  • Customized Connect User Guides provide info when computer access is not available