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Brookwood offers a variety of custom learning solutions. If you have a unique idea and need a solution, or simply need support with your in-house development, we can offer that support and guidance for your projects. Talk to us about your needs and we will take the pressure off of you and help you meet your tight deadlines.

PowerPoint Presentations

A high-quality PowerPoint presentation, when combined with oratory skill, is proven to provide the greatest path to course comprehension and retention. Brookwood has expertise in developing decks that are creative, engaging, and deliver the greatest impact.

Our instructional designers review and organize your content and include learner and speaker notes. Our developers design the theme, iconography, graphics, transitions, call-outs, highlights, and multimedia. They develop slides that have a consistent look and feel and follow company branding.

Support Materials

Sometimes, just the learning modules are not enough. The learner needs materials that are available to reference along with the modules, or for later use.

Brookwood has years of experience in developing, learner user guides, job-aids, quick reference cards and other support material that expands learning.

Audio and Video Production

Brookwood works with several voice-over talents for professional audio production. Using a qualified, practiced voice-over actor ensures that your company is represented with the utmost professionalism. Audio is recorded and edited in state-of-the-art studios and delivered as ready-to-use files.

Using video in learning courses can be a powerful way for your organization to meet its learning objectives effectively and rapidly. A promotional video can be a great marketing tool that sends the message across prior to training launch to build excitement and awareness.

Localization and Translation

Training materials can have relevance all over the world, but require localization.
Through localized learning services, Brookwood offers:

Written Translations, Spoken Translations, Cultural Translations, Learning Translations

Assessment and Virtual Learning Games

Brookwood’s media team can customize and brand games in our library with your corporate colors and themes. We can integrate the games into your LMS as stand-alone assessments, and customize the games so you can change the questions with Notepad—requiring no Adobe Flash skills.

Contact us to see how we customized one of our games for Adobe Connect, and were able to show student scores in real time to call out winners and reward high scorers for exciting, competitive, and fun virtual training events! Download a pdf for more information on how the assessment course tracker works with Connect.

Our services include:

  • Tracking Flash games with student scores right in your virtual classroom
  • Setting up any game in our catalog with custom branding and quiz questions
  • Training on using assessments in virtual classrooms


For companies already using tablets in their organizations, eBooks are a great way to deliver content. Once an eBook is downloaded to a tablet, it works anywhere. Learners do not need access to the Internet to access the content. eBooks can be customized to your business requirements and your users’ needs. Content is creative, interactive, and available at the touch of a finger. We call it “content on the go”!

Content Editing and QA

Our quality assurance editors can review your training materials at different stages of the development process to help you ensure high-quality results. They can review scripts, storyboards, and developed deliverables to help you identify areas of concern and clean up possible problems before they get seen by your learners.

We review PowerPoint presentations, leader guides, learning modules, support and reference materials, eBooks, and more. Our areas of focus include grammar, punctuation, mechanics, and usage; content organization and consistency; interface consistency and usability; program bugs and errors; and implementation of updates and revisions.