VILT Development

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Brookwood offers development services that help the facilitator to deliver courses, face-to-face or in virtual classrooms. To become a skilled facilitator, you need the right content and the right mentoring. Our experts use the latest techniques in learning, to develop material and coach the facilitator to maximize student participation, engagement, and retention.


Brookwood not only trains the facilitator to facilitate courses, but also designs presentations and speaker notes for virtual instructor-led training (VILT). Our vILTs are well-designed presentations that ensure maximum learner participation and engagement, and include speaker notes that guide the trainers through facilitation.

We have expertise in all the common meeting bridges, such as Adobe Connect, WebEx, and Microsoft Lync, and know how to fully integrate their capabilities into our vILT programs.

VILTS include:

  • Breakout sessions that enhance group assignments
  • Hands-on workshops
  • Scenario-based classroom modeling
  • User engagement activities every 5–8 minutes
  • Student-to-teacher demonstrations with constructive feedback
  • Open Q&A forum to enhance collaboration
  • Practical scenarios and samples
  • Panel discussions on specific topics

Facilitator vilt

Facilitator Guides, Participant Guides, Job-Aids

To insure course facilitators and students stay focused and on track, Brookwood typically packages learning resources such as facilitator guides, participant guides, and job-aids as part of the overall solution design. Common among training guides are:

  • Facilitator Guides: Instructs the facilitator on how to use the materials for their session and allow multiple trainers to perform similarly for consistant results.
  • Participant Guides: Instructs the learners on how to receive the information in a session for greater comprehension and retention.
  • Job-Aides: Reinforces key points of a session and provide the learner a simple medium by which to recall details.

Facilitator Guides

ILT to VILT Conversion

Brookwood excels at converting existing instructor-led training (ILT) to virtual instructor-led training (VILT). Traditional classroom materials can be repurposed for collaborative online learning. Our instructional designers review existing content and presentations, and prepare it for virtual delivery.

During the virtual training conversion process our designers:

  • Review and understand the assets of the ILT
  • Meet with the client’s learning stakeholders and understand course objectives and metrics for success
  • Meet with the client’s technical stakeholders and understand the platform for delivery
  • Design and develop the vILT that is creative and meets technical specifications